Welcome to Your Money Vehicle

The FIRST ever on-demand, online certification course for financial literacy

Welcome to Money Vehicle

What’s going on? My name is Jed Collins. Let me tell you how I spend my first NFL check: quickly, as in all at once. Now that was to buy a wedding ring (we’ve been married for over ten years now, so unreal investment), but I remember thinking for the first time that I had never really been taught much about real-life money habits.

So, like almost everything in my life, I dove in head first. When I wasn’t at the team facility, I was learning finance. When I retired from the league after seven seasons I had learned enough to earn my Certification Planning certificate and start working for a top firm.

I was doing great work with great people, but there was something gnawing at me. We were helping people who were already very financially literate gain more wealth. We weren’t helping folks like 24 year-old me.

So, again, I dove in head first. I started my own company geared at bringing financial literacy to everybody. Everybody has the potential to be financially literate, but potential is often just the gap between people and success. With Your Money Vehicle, we eliminate potential. We give folks the tools and resources they need to make behavioral changes to find that success.

Student Testimonials

Noah Brune, current Harvard student

I just completed the Money Vehicle course and it was an extremely valuable investment of my time. Jedidiah Collins and the Money Vehicle team put together the best online, financial coaching course that is suitable for anyone of any age or stage of life. As someone who had little knowledge of financial management, the clarity of the concepts taught, combined with a myriad of relevant examples was very helpful, and reveals Mr. Collins’ innate ability to clearly explain to anyone the pathway to being financially secure for life. The course also spotlighted the vast array of financial resources that are available, which was especially useful for me. The lesson I learned throughout the course are invaluable, from learning how to properly save and invest your money, to strategies that help your money grow with minimal effort. I recommend this coure for anyone who is intrested in changing or enhancing their fiscal habits like I was. Mr. Collins’ enjoyable course will keep you absorbed and looking forward to a bring future where good money management habits can take you.


Aaron Heienickle, Founder at skypig

Finished getting Money Vehicle leval 1 certified earlier this month! Such a great opportunity for young men and women to take charge of their finances early on in their life. Imagine all the financial pitfalls that you could have avoided when you were younger. Start young, learn young, win young.

Rio Penn-Grice, Co-Founder of Gen Z Journey

What an amazing course built by an incredible individual Jedidiah Collins, CFP®, who is on such a genuine mission. It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to be one of the first individuals to earn this financial literacy certification. With classes being online this semester I have become very familiar with the online learning experience and I can truly say that this course beats them all.

Brigid Raftery, Student at The University of Scranton

Over the corona virus break, I Decided to use my free time to take a financial literacy course called Money Vehicle course and I just got certified. I truly feel like I know more about how to handle everyday finances in a simple way. Thank you @JedidiahCollins for creating an amazing course that teaches personal finances everyone, business majors or non-business majors, needs.

Ryan Siegel, Student at Wilton High School

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on completing Jedidiah Collins, CFP® Money Vehicle Course. This course was entertaining, educational, and easy to understand. The information I have learned from this course will help me and many other people be successful in the future. After completing the course I was able to become certified in Financial Literacy. I highly recommend taking this course, especially to younger people like myself who want to learn about finance. If you have interest in signing up, please use my link.