Student athletes now have the opportunity to MAKE money, but the question becomes will they MANAGE it well enough to capture the dream?

Money Vehicle is a built out financial literacy program that will take your athletes through the first 10 questions they need to answer as they receive paychecks. This program will not only provide the answers, but also will empower your athletes to BEGIN their financial plan!


Money Vehicle Levels



















Jedidiah Collins, CFP


Current Programs

  • Stand alone resource that will not interrupt or interfere with any current relationships
  • Built by former student and professional athletes
  • Customizable to each department
  • Trackable progress and outcomes. This will be a requirement, but more importantly will be the measure of success for the progra
  • Step by step guides for both the student and the facilitator
  • Your Money Vehicle Certification


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do live workshops?

Yes! This is where Money Vehicle began, delivering hundreds of in person financial wellness workshops on a variety of topics related to students. We see the live workshops as a great experience for students and can have a great impact. We compare it to music. People love going to the concert to see their favorite band, but they also enjoy learning the lyrics on their headphones.

Are you a financial advisor? or Are you affiliated with a bank/credit union?

No! We are not advisors nor a financial institution and have no plans of becoming either. We do offer clear guidance on questions to ask and actions to take with these offerings, but Money Vehicle will not have accounts opened with us nor manage any assets.

We have existing partnerships with corporate sponsors or alumni, can your program integrate with those offerings?

Money Vehicle is a Stand-Alone resource that can be integrated into any current programming. If you have relationships or corporate sponsorships with groups who deliver in person sessions, then Money Vehicle is the virtual partner. We can even discuss having a sponsor provide video content for the course. Again with no affiliations, we can work with just about anyone.

How will we implement the program?

There are two avenues to go through the course: As a Group or as an Individual

Group – If you are looking for a group progression by team or select individuals, Money Vehicle provides a step by step guide to whomever will facilitate the course. 

Individual – If you are looking for a resource where students can go through on their own time and at their own pace, Money Vehicle provides a step by step guide to the individual to progress through the course.

Can Money Vehicle help facilitate the Course?

Yes! Our Money Vehicle team can help Kickoff or close the course delivering live sessions. We can teach the course each week or each month with virtual sessions. We can also provide guidance and motivation through email touches as each student progresses through the material.

How is the Money Vehicle content ‘different’ from the typical Financial Literacy material?

Laugh and Learn. We engage your students in an environment where they are being educated while entertained.

How is the Money Vehicle content ‘stickier’ than the typical Financial Literacy material?

Customizable!! This is where we are most excited about the virtual resource. Each day the offering gets better. We can not only customize the content and flow, but we can incorporate your current students and alumni in the material!! Have your SAAC President or Athletic Director be the welcome video, have a CPA alumni provide their advice around taxes, or have a current student explain the action they took. Seeing familiar faces always increases engagement.