I’m here to teach you how to U.S.E. money

Understand, Strategize, Efficient

What it takes to achieve financial freedom

The moment I got my first NFL paycheck was the moment I had already spent it! This interaction with money and this perspective of how I saw money woke me up to the reality that I was financially illiterate. Never in school nor in my family had someone explained to me how money works, let alone how to make it work for me. So I sought out to learn, studying for the Certification in Financial Planning® while still playing in the NFL. This knowledge allowed me to capture the opportunity in front of me and created a passion to help others do the same!


What I do

To put it simply, I tell stories. Stories that start the conversation around money and stories that will change the conversation you are having around money. These stories make the complex simpler and they will connect you to a world you never knew. The Money Vehicle stories are built to translate the foreign language of money into short digestible bits of information that you will not just comprehend but begin to apply. This is not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ program, this is a foundational knowledge that will help you take a journey to create wealth. Each day you will begin to U.S.E. money a little better and you will take one more step to owning your Financial Freedom! 


Rookie to Veteran

What it takes to achieve financial freedom

Good artists borrow, Great artists steal. In Rookie to Veteran we steal success each and every week!

We will approach each topic and guest with a beginners mind, the Rookie mindset. It will be our challenge to use what we learn to close the gap between where we stand today and the goals we have set for ourselves. This phantom gap is our potential.

After traveling through locker rooms in the NFL and hundreds of board room in business, I have come to realize what I do best is take from the best.

Come steal the behaviors of the best and Eliminate your Potential!!

Jedidiah Collins, CFP